Its one of the most annoying sounds in the world a DRIPPING TAP.

It should be Murphy's law that every working thing is going to need repaired at some time or another. And that includes your kitchen tap. No matter what brand or type of tap you have installed, it's going to spring a leak or malfunction in some way or t he other. The next time that happens, learn how to troubleshoot common kitchen tap problems.

Would be better if you gave better examples than the ones below, of how you could help but still don't want them to fix their problem we want them to phone.

1. The Kitchen Tap Pressure Has Slowed Down.
Does the tap have a Veggie Sprayer on it? The problem is most likely in the sprayer diverter. It's a small plastic piece that's located inside the faucet body. It controls the diversion of the water to the sprayer. Turn the kitchen water supply off, then remove the diverter and clean it out. It may be partially clogged with debris and minerals. You can also soak it in vinegar to remove stubborn minerals. Replace the sprayer diverter and turn the water supply back on; check the pressure again. If it's still low, try replacing the diverter.
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2. The Tap Sprays a Mist Off From the Main Flow
Check the aerator on the end of the tap. Make sure it's screwed on tightly. If that doesn't solve the problem, remove the aerator and clean it out. It could be partially clogged with debris and minerals. Use a clean cloth and wipe out the inside of the tap spout. Make sure to wipe off the threads that hold the aerator on. Replace the aerator and check the spray again. If the problem still isn't resolved, you may need to replace the aerator. It may be cracked or otherwise damaged and is allowing some water to spray out into a mist.
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3. The Water Pressure in the Veggie Sprayer Has Slowed Down 
Unscrew the aerator off the end of the veggie sprayer and clean it out. If the holes are clogged with heavy mineral deposits, soak it in vinegar. Then, replace it and check the pressure. If there's still a problem, turn off the kitchen water supply and remove the sprayer diverter. Clean it out, or soak it in vinegar. Replace the diverter and check the problem again. You may end up replacing the diverter. 

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