Burst & Leaking Pipes

Most plumbing problems happen at or near such fixtures as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Sometimes, however, the pipes themselves are the cause of the problem. Pipes can be unpredictable -- they can leak, sweat, freeze, or make loud noises. In the following article, we'll tell you how to deal with all of these complications.

Leaks in Pipes

There are all kinds of plumbing leaks. Some can flood your home, while others are not nearly so detrimental.

As with almost any accident, a leaky pipe will happen at the worst possible moment. Once you notice a plumbing problem, it is important to call A L PLumbing and Heating right away on 01563 542 207. However a quick fix will prevent water damage until A L Plumbing and Heating can call out repair the Pipe Work.

After you have discovered a water leak, turn off the main water valve. This will avoid any more water from causing damage to your home. Then turn on a tap on the first floor to drain all of remaining water out of the pipes. This should stop any more water from escaping through the leaky pipe.

Once the water has stopped, look for the size and location of the water leak before beginning a repair. This information will allow you to use a technique that should for the time being fix almost any plumbing problem until A L Plumbing and Heating can permanently fix the damage.

Once the water has been stopped, ensure that the affected area is clean and dry. Do not attempt to make a temporary repair until the immediate area is dry. Immediate action will almost certainly stop most damage from your burst pipe. If the affected area is left to air dry rather than excess water being absorbed, it could warp or cause dampness and mould.

A small leak can be fixed with electrical tape. To make this type of repair, dry the immediate pipe with a towel before beginning so the electrical tape can best hold on to the burst pipe area. Repair the burst pipe by casing the electrical tape around pipe, beginning about two inches away from the authentic leak.

Wrap the tape over the leak and carry on down the pipe until you reach about two inches after the area that contains the leak. Then start covering the tape in the other direction, not stopping until you have reached the point you started. Do this numerous times to create a tight, although temporary, seal around the pipe to fix the problem.

A larger leak in the plumbing cannot be solved with electrical tape. as an alternative, you can use a pipe clamp and a piece of bicycle inner tube or garden hose to fix the leaky pipe. Cut a piece of bicycle inner tube / hose pipe so that fits around the leak. Then use a pipe clamp to make safe the inner tube/ hosepipe and complete the repair.

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