Gas Safety Checks

A L Plumbing and Heating is a leader in the field of gas safety inspections, services, products and advice in UK gas safety regulations. We provide an exceptional service for all of our clients whether they be landlords, home owners, home buyers and sellers, or the buy-to-let investor as well as local government authorities.

Gas Safety Inspection & Servicing

Gas Safety Inspection
£45 per appliance
i.e. 1 cooker or boiler etc.
Full Service
Gas Boiler
Gas Appliances

When we have compleated the Gas safety Inspection we can issue Energy performance certificates, trace & repair gas leaks, repair plumbing, install gas appliances, turn on gas meters and other services .

If you are letting a property you will need an EPC as well as a GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE. If you are letting to a local Authority you will need an EPC, NIC & GAS SAFETY INSPECTION. Gas boiler servicing should ideally be carried out annually but it is not a legal requirement it is however a legal requirement to have gas test, ie landlords gas inspection or gas safety record. For more information on our Gas Safety Inspection then call us today on Kilmarnock (01563) 542 207

All other gas, boiler, heating or plumbing problems then we can help you with these issues too.  Click here for details

Our Gas Safety inpectors and fully qualified to carry out a gas safety inspection and issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate

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