Boiler Installation

At A L Plumbing and Heating use a our knowledge of reliable efficient boilers and our years of experience of Installing boilers as well as our first class services to make your boiler installation run smooth and easy. When our boiler engineers arrive to fit your new boiler they will cover everything involved in the boiler installation in a fast but efficient manner.

Boiler Problems? Need a new Boiler?

Central Heating Boilers can often suffer from a large range of problems, but it can often be only a small fault which prevents your boiler from working correctly or not at all. A L Plumbing & Heating have many years of experience in boiler faultfinding and Will endeavour to correct the boiler problem as soon as possible.

A L Plumbing can modernise you central heating systems to new regulations and install new central heating systems. A L Plumbing can offer a boiler installation and boiler maintenance and we have a assortment of boilers to suit all needs. It is probable now that your new boiler would be a modern condensing boiler that will save you money and help decrease your carbon footprint. Many of the new variety of boiler are over 90% efficient and comply with all industry standards.

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