Blocked Drains

Your home or business have a built in drainage systems to make sure that you have clean, healthy environment to live or work in. We ten to forget about the because they are out of sight. When we notice them is too late because when we have blocked drain its all too apparent. The damage a block drain can have on your property could be costly, it could also effect your personnel health. Every property owner should understand what causes a blocked drain and what they can do to prevent this problem from occurring as what to do if the drains blocked. A L Plumbing understand what could cause a Blocked Drain and can correct it quickly. We will also give you advice on how the cause of the blocked Drain happened and what you could do to stop it happening again.

The best way to cope with blocked drains is to keep this from happening in the first place.

The most common cause of a blocked drain in our experience is tree roots, in warm weather tree roots seek out moisture, and find your drainage system and over time will block it. another cause is flused products and item that may have fallen down you sink after a while these to block up your drains.

Signs of a block drain before they get nasty are: 

  • A gurgling or gulping sound
  • Smelly drain 
  • The water level in the toilet Rising 
  • Falling drain outside the house overflowing after the washing machine etc is used. 
  • Your shower overflowing or not clearing quickly while using it.

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