Gas Central Heating Boiler Annual Maintenance

Why give your working gas central heating boiler an annual service check up?

To save money of course didn't you know that?

With our Annual boiler service you can have added peace of mind that your gas central heating boiler will be checked by one of our engineers to ensure that your boiler is working safely, economically and efficiently. A regular service ensures your boiler is running at peak efficiency saving valuable fuel and money but more importantly it could also spot the escape of potentially lethal carbon monoxide, which could just save your or family members life.

When A L Plumbing and Heating attend to your gas boiler service we clean, examine and do a pre-emptive fault-check, with the emphasis on testing all the different functions of a piece of equipment for correct and safe operation. Some Plumbing and Heating companies only put a probe in the flue outlet to analyse the contents of the flue gasses, and if the probe passes they proclaim the boiler is working correctly and start to produce the invoice. Then you have the other extreme plumbers and heating engineers who will strip your boiler and clean it spend hours checking every piece of your boiler and then they charge you accordingly for the labour spent and the checks they have done.

Even if you gas central heating boiler appears to be in working order, it might just have problems. These will be exposed with one of our annual service.

If your gas boiler service check is not carried out on a regular basis, in most cases everything will be fine, but do you want to just leave this to chance.

A wide assortment of things go wrong with gas installations and the gas regulations exist to make sure installations are safe. Proper boiler service, would makes sure your installation is safe.

At A L Plumbing We recommend like most manufacturers that you Gas Central Heating Boiler should be checked annually. Due to the risks Involved with Carbon Monoxide, we take this view seriously as a regular service will assist in identifying any problems at an early stage.

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